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Gelish Overlay R200

Gelish, Performs like Gel, Applies like Polish. Gelish was the first brush-in-bottle gel-polish ever invented.

Gelish Aftercare Advice

  • Gelish works best on natural healthy nails. The longevity of your Gelish Nails will depend on individual lifestyle and aftercare.
  • Wear rubber gloves when using cleaning products, gardening and washing up. Any products containing Lanolin or DEET can cause your Gelish to lift so best to avoid it.
  • Do not bite, pick, cut or file at your nails as this will cause the Gelish to become weak and will damage your own nails.
  • Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after application – no sauna or sunbed as it may cause heat spikes on your nails.
  • Avoid creams and cuticle oil for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid soaking nails in water for long periods
  • Do not use your nails to open anything or put unnecessary pressure on them.

  • Mani and Gelish Overlays R280

    Pedi and Gelish Overlays R310

    Gelish Soak off R50

    Gentle buff, foil wrap, and soak for 15 minutes with Gelish® Artificial Nail Remover solution.