Lamelle Correctives

Corrective contains only that specific active ingredient to produce only the particular results effectively. Thus, when it comes to addressing specific conditions, a moisturiser can never give you the dramatic results a Corrective can. A Corrective can be seen as a boosting agent – used for a period of time when your skin needs some extra help, for example, after a holiday in the sun, when you might have some hyper-pigmentation and dryness. A Corrective is a serum with a high concentration active ingredient that is usually applied before moisturiser to a clean skin to allow for maximum penetration. Correctives are usually used for about four to eight weeks in the case of hyper-pigmentation, but the time period will differ from one concern (such as sensitivity) to another (such as acne). basically, you’ll use the serum for as long as your skin problem lasts. Of course, the active ingredients in different Correctives will make them function differently, but it is the base (the compound that carries the active ingredient) that has a dramatic effect on how well the active ingredient is absorbed. If the base is not formulated correctly, the active ingredient will just sit on the surface of the skin, will not penetrate the skin, and will not be effective at all. Highly technologically advanced bases are key when it comes to the effectiveness of Correctives.

Throughout our life our skin follows a normal process of shedding and restoring skin cells on a daily basis. In our younger years this process is highly effective and results in our skin looking and feeling smooth, moist and youthful. However as we age this process tends to slow down by 30 – 40% due to the reduction in an essential skin enzyme called Cathepsin D. The result is dry, dull, flaking skin and even fine lines.

  • Most exfoliators have an impact on more than just the Stratum Corneum and are not specific enough to treat the underlying problem of ageing.
  • Abrasive exfoliators can actually alter the barrier function of the skin.
  • They can cause photosensitivity due to the altering of the barrier function of the skin.

  • R550.00

    Ageing of the skin is recognised by wrinkles, thinning, discolouration and progressive sagging. Accumulation of sun damaged tissue acts as an inhibitor of the repair mechanisms and needs very carefully planned correction in order to improve the appearance of aged skin. Prevention of these damaging skin cell cycles requires very effective focused intervention. Correctives recharge CE complex is able to perform both functions effectively.


    RA cream is indicated for the preparation of remodelling and restoring photo-damaged and intrinsically aged skin as a nightly application. For an individual who has clinical signs of photo-aged or intrinsically aged skin, we can talk about the key changes that RA cream can bring about in both the epidermis and dermis. RA cream will ‘Clean Out” the damage to make way for the powerful re-building of Dermaheal skin speciἀc growth factors. RA cream gets the skin back in shape and ‘prepared’ to be fixed.


    Hydrating HA PLUS is a supplement to a moisturiser for dry skin concerns. The serum contains high concentrations of HAFi fragments which attract water and activate cell metabolism within the skin.

    Optimal water levels in the epidermis are essential to maintain an effective barrier function, corneocyte desquamation and cell metabolism. The outermost layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) is pivotal in establishing and maintaining an effective barrier to control water exchange as well as preventing the entry of harmful elements and overall moisturisation, to enhance normal skin shedding and reduce skin tightness and sensitivity.


    Dark marks and pigmentation have many different triggers such as pregnancy, hormonal changes, the pill, family history and sun exposure. Over time these marks can become darker and hyper-pigmentation widespread over exposed areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.