Lamelle Dermaheal

When it comes to the ageing of our skin, there are three fundamental processes responsible, all of which can be directly linked to environmental influences:

  1. Cell ageing: As we age, our cells become less efficient; they divide more slowly and function less effectively. Genetic alterations are largely responsible for this decline, but changes can be accelerated by the environment.
  2. Breakdown: When enzymes in the body damage and collapse the structure of our skin, it’s made weaker and less resilient to environmental onslaughts. The inevitable consequence is wrinkles, thinning and sagging.
  3. Inflammaging: Chronic inflammation in the body is never a good thing and when it comes to our skin, it damages cells, causes injury and general dysfunction. Left unchecked, destructive enzymes can be activated that reduce overall cell function. Up until now, the only way to manage inflammation has been the inclusion of ingredients that suppress it – but only after the inflammation has already been triggered in the body.

The new Dermaheal moisturisers are the ONLY products available that address the three dimensions of ageing.

Dermaheal addresses the skin’s ageing processes and activates its ability to remodel! This age-correcting process is achieved with the inclusion of a complex combination of cytokines and growth factors, combined with inhibitors that block the enzymes responsible for tissue damage. These paraben-free, age correcting moisturisers also have ingredients that prevent inflammageing and effectively suppress any that already exists.

The cumulative result is a luxuriously rich product, that’s rapidly absorbed, with a deeply hydrating effect. Moisture is locked in throughout the day and environmental irritation and redness reduced. Improvements in texture, skin firming, fine lines and wrinkles may be expected. Faster wound healing is another Dermaheal advancement.


Cellular Repair - R830.00
Ultra Renewal Cream - R1710.00
Renewal Cream - R1050.00
Dermaheal foaming cleanser – R410
Dermaheal spf 30 – R510.
Eye Regeneration - R730.00