Do's and Dont's

Do let your hair grow out for 2-3 weeks after shaving. ​​Do schedule your appointments every 4-6 weeks. Hair grows in multiple cycles and staying in this time frame will give best results with less pain. Do let your therapist know if you have been on any medications or had any skin care treatments done recently. ( Chemical peels, Roaccutane ect)

Don't apply any creams, lotions, etc to the area being waxed the day of your appointment. ​Don't sunbathe or tan for 24 hours before or after your appointment. ​

Don't pick at ingrown hairs. The best solution is prevention. Use a buffing cloth or exfoliating glove in small circular motions while in the shower daily.

  • Half leg R160
  • Half Back R110
  • Full leg R240
  • Full Back R180
  • Half Arm R120
  • Underarm R90
  • Full Arm R170
  • Chest/Tummy R110
  • Std. Bikini R120
  • Full Face R170
  • Brazilian Bikini R160
  • Lip/Chin/Sideburns R50
  • Full Bikini R200
  • Eyebrows R70